Episode 4: Mixology, Part 1

In this episode we meet up with a good friend of mine, Bill Sullivan, who is a hobby mixologist. I know a lot of folks out there mix drinks at home, but Bill takes it a little further than simply mixing rum with coke. He explains the art of mixing drinks and his passion for creating new cocktails. He is not a bartender but he studies the craft. We also here from Anthony D'agnistino. He is the Director of the Raleigh Bartending School. At the tim of recording it was the only 40 hour bartending certification school in North Carolina. This episode is a lot of fun, we focus on mixing drinks both as a pro and a hobbiest.


I meet with Bill in my home where I supplied all the required ingredients he needed to demonstrate his skill. Drinks made from gin and bourbon were on the list, including one made with an egg. We learned that there is virtually no chance of getting sick from consuming egg whites in your cocktail. But! adding egg whites to your cocktail provides an incredible atheistic quality by adding a layer of foam on top of your drink.


I traveled to Anthony's office at the Raleigh School of Bartending. It's located on the second floor of a standard commercial building. Once inside you are immediately greeted by a large faux bar with huge back bar stocked with most all the common liquor bottles you'd expect to find in a bar. (note: all bottles are filled with colored water for instructional purposes only) There are 4 or 5 bartending stations. Students learn how to make drinks common to the bar scene and have the ability to practice drink making. Anthony discusses his school, how he got into bartending and why 007 - James Bond liked his martini shaken not stirred.